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CSZK Projects is a company started by someone that loves learning and implementing the results of new knowledge. Never at ease with the status quo, we’re intent on creating media that is ever-intriguing, and rapidly developed.

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Video Production

We don’t just ‘shoot video.’ We plan with our clients before the shoot, and while editing after the shoot. We keep the client in the loop, but if the client doesn’t want be anywhere near ‘the loop,’ we’re capable of completing a production that will impress! So, contact us for Conference/Meeting videos, Product Demos, or any other reason you need a high quality video.

Website Development

We do wordpress sites. The reason that YOU want us to create a WordPress site for you, is what YOU can do with your new site. Gone are the days of calling your webmaster every time you need to change some text, or replace a photo (or logo). So, obviously we love WordPress for website development, and YOU will too!

Video Production

CSZK Projects LLC offers video production services for Conference /Meeting videos, Content Capture (presentation slides with video of speaker), Product Demos, Real Estate videos, or any other reason you need a high quality video. (btw, we love creating wedding videos too!)

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CASE STUDY:  Healthy Tote – Product Video

Natalie was a busy woman with lots of things to carry. One day she threw all the things she needed for the day in a big tote bag and headed off to work. Upon arriving at her desk, she found that everything in her tote bag was absolutely soaked… with milk! She then discovered a trail of milk from her car all the way to her desk – That trail of milk started a company.

Healthy Tote now produces a very smart, high quality Tote Bag with compartments for organizing the things you would need for a typical day – it even includes an insulated Neoprene lunch bag to keep your tasty snacks (and milk!) away from all your other important things.

We are proud that Natalie chose us to produce her product demo – and allow us to be part of her dream!

Check out the video below:

Video Capture

The product demo above was shot in HD with high quality DSLRs and and a separate audio recorder. 2 cameras were used to achieve the multicamera effect seen on television programs. Natalie had many ideas for the video, but had questions about how to proceed with the shoot. We took her ideas, offered a few of our own, and she ended up loving the final product.

Video Editing

The editing of the above product demo was done on an Apple Mac Pro multi-core machine with Final Cut Pro. After editing, we added the animated titles/graphics for each scene and sweetened the audio to minimize the noisy environment… it had been shot in a trade show for a personal trainer conference – lots of noisy weight lifting going on!


We delivered the finished product in the format that the client (Natalie) requested on a USB stick. In this case, she wanted a format that would be good for YouTube. We chose an mp4 format, and made sure all the conversion settings were done properly for the best online quality. We even uploaded it to her YouTube account and tested it before making it public.

Seminar Capture Services

A lot of time and effort goes into a professional presentation. Capturing all that hard work is important. We can capture a presentation live, so the material can be used again for eLearning, sales media, or even monitizing on an online webinar site.


Live Presentation Capture

Frame capture technology is used to capture your presentation at the highest quality.

Synchronized Video/Audio

The speaker and presentation appear in a single window, or presentation only with audio.

Upload Ready

Converted to any format required – YouTube, Vimeo, or any other Content Delivery System (CDN).

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Website Development

True rapid development of websites has become a reality over the years with technologies like WordPress. We are a big proponent of WordPress for website building – you can get a professional looking site up and running in a quarter of the time it takes to develop a site with hand coding. Custom written website are wonderful, but the cost is prohibitive for many businesses. What’s more, the client can make simple updates to their site without paying a web developer to do it – this equates to saving loads of money in the long run. We’ll start your site with a choice of templates, then customize to your specifications and content. Contact us for an affordable, great looking, and functional site that will look great on both desktop and mobile devices.


The WordPress CMS Platform is currently used by over 70 million sites. A very mature platform and open source, it is continually updated, well documented, and secure.

Many Design Possibilities

Themes provide the look, and functionality of a WordPress website. Because WordPress has been around for over 10 years, there are thousands of themes available.

DIY Updates

After we setup the website, and add design and functionality elements, we will train the client to make changes to the website themselves – saves costs in the long run.

We Know How...

We’ve built interactive products that have been used by large and small businesses, and associations. Our products range from informational websites, ecommerce solutions, electronic specifications manuals, conference/meeting curriculum DVDs (which are now delivered on usb sticks), and many other projects. We know how to organize the client’s information, help with content management, and build our product to the expectations of the client.
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